Sons of Battlefield

[S0B] Damavand Peak only - Rush - 32 Slots


# We have a limit of 3 Bolt Action Rifles per team

# Be respectful and in case of a conflict involve an Admin

# Cheaters are not welcome. PLS use !report if yout think there is a Cheater on the server

# Have FUN!


CommandDefault TextParamsDescription
Join Player!join[player] OR [reportID] The in-game command used for joining player's squads. Will immediately send the speaker to the target if possible, within access limitations.
Kill Self!killmeThe in-game command used for killing the speaker. Specific timeout of 10 minutes to avoid abuse.
Report Player!report[player] [reason]The in-game command used for reporting players. Must have a reason. Informs admins.
Call Admin!admin[player] [reason]The in-game command used for calling admin attention to a player. Same deal as report, but used for a different reason. Informs admins.
What Is!whatis[commandName]The in-game command used for finding out what a particular command means.
VOIP!voipThe in-game command used for sending VOIP server info to the speaker.
Request Rules!rulesThe in-game command used to request the server rules. When targeted at a player, that player will be told the server rules.
Player Private Message!msg[player] [message] Opens a conversation with the given player.
Player Private Reply!r[message] Replies to a currently open conversation with the given message.
Admin Private Message!adminmsg[message] Sends a message to all online admins in the server.
Give Server Feedback!feedback[message]Logs the given message as feedback for the server.
Assist Losing Team!assistThe in-game command used to join the weak/losing team. Blocked from usage until 2 minutes into any round. Blocked from usage when teams are within 60 tickets of each other.
On-Death Move Player!move[player]The in-game command used for moving players between teams. Will add players to the "on-death" move list, when they die they will be sent to TeamSwap. If the player is already dead, this command automatically changes to force move.
Sniper Slots!sniperShows current Snipers on your Team


You have suggestions for improvements, have discovered a bug or something annoys you on our server? Then let us know.

Found a Cheater? Then please use the ingame !report feature too.

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